Saba for life - Saba Empower Smart Coffee Combo Pack - Coffee (1 30-serving Canister) and Creamer (1 24-single pack Box)
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Saba Empower Smart Coffee Combo Pack - Coffee (1 30-serving Canister) and Creamer (1 24-single pack Box)

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Are you looking to embark on a journey to becoming your best self? Empower Smart Coffee and Creamer is the perfect combo to kick start your health journey. The nutritional values and health benefits of our smart coffee's focus, mood enhancement, weight loss, appetite control and the powerful antioxidant from Glutathione partnered with the Smart Coffee Creamer's healthy fats from Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), Grass-Fed Butter, and beauty-boosting Hydrolyzed Collagen is an AMAZING COMBO! You'll notice these benefits:

-Weight Loss

-Appetite Suppression

-Better Energy, Focus, and Mood

-Antioxidant Support -Glutathione

-Healthy Joints, Hair, Skin & Nail

-Reduce Fine Line & Wrinkles

-Healthy Digestion and Gut Support

-Boost Brain Functions

-Keto-friendly with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, and no cholesterol!


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I cannot say enough about these two products! When combined together, I can tell they are not only helping my hormones, but the benefits of the collagen in the creamer have greatly improved my skin, nails and hair! LOVE the flavor of these two together!


I absolutely love this combo! I am not a coffee drinker, but with both of these together it doesn’t taste like coffee!!!! I have also added sugar free hot chocolate in the winter and it’s amazing!!! It tastes good and I lost over 20lbs on this duo alone and a ton of inches!!!!

like this coffee and reamer set a"latte"

this is my daily go to in my mornings... What's funny is prior to this product, Ive never been a coffee drinker. Love the mood enhancers for me. And hey the inches were coming off for me. :)

Exec Plat Director

This combo is my DOSE of HAPPY! Raises the levels of happy hormones, makes me feel good, fills me up... I drink it twice a day... love it!